About Hubrite

Welcome aboard on Hubrite!


Hubrite is a start-up company.

We are now focusing on Voeasy.(https://voeasy.com)

Voeasy is a ‘Collaborative Stock Investment Report‘ service.


Hubrite = Hub + Bridge + Accelerate


We are Hub through the internet.

We are Bridge for the people.

We Accelerate the world to be better.

허브라이트 도안


[Crew Members]

Jimin Jeong / CEO

  • POSTECH / Electrical Engineering(B.A.)
  • Founder & CTO / AHOPE Inc.
  • Business Analyst – Public Sector / SK C&C Inc.


Byeongjoo Kim / Chief Software Architect

  • POSTECH / Electrical Engineering(B.A.)
  • Team Manager / AHOPE Inc.


A. J. Lee / Strategy Planning Team Manager

  • Ewha Woman’s University / Physics(M.A.)



  • E-mail: help@hubrite.com

If you have any questions about us, please email us freely.


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