Nothing is complete unless you put in in final shape! – Automatically create itineraries

“Let’s show the popular places on the map”, not enough?

“Start of the Trip –” is only quietly open to you after two months passed since. (But expected ~ TT;!)
But by making the public service, is now almost the only feature “popular displays the location on a map with” Just that I feel very well wanting.
Come to ponder deupnida do not think that under the strength of the well-connected have.

  • A popular place for people information
  • The actual travel path information when you move the popular place (car, walking)

Nothing is complete unless you put in in final shape.

Make certain annoying. Let’s make the itinerary automatically!

European major cities –
Automatically created in Rome (Rome, Italy) itinerary –

Now When you click in the town shown on the map, you can see the city and travel arrangements, including the including the right surroundings.

Automatically created itineraries are designed with the following criteria:

  • Popular areas for people (base city) extraction (Top 400)
  • Without moving the base city hotel based on the (day), Honey extract Points can place in range (100 Regions)
  • Calculate the best route to move Points 100 locations (4 days)

Trying rated to experience the city that I know will have made certain degree of quality nodded his head. (Paris, Nice, Hong Kong, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Seoul, Athens, Cape Town, Fukuoka, etc.)

Try click on unfamiliar Havana (Havana, Cuba), how can I get a feeling that traveling.

Havana (Havana, Cuba) itinerary –

If you plan a trip or have already experienced, you can give me a word about already made ​​itinerary “starts of the trip –” . Please take a look at just a click by simply clicking on the map!

However, people still need a helping hand …

It is well aware that more needs tuning.

First of all, you may subtract not needed portions to taste the created schedule. I put the 100 places in the major regions, other places you can not go to the limit, you have to remove by hand.

For example, if you click on the Paris city as well as you can, Honey on the day of the Palace of Versailles, Paris Disneyland naohjiman also comes Liang climb the statue of Joan of Arc. But more to find out what is special in jandeu Rukh’s rise Liang, now it does not seem to Liang, Honey climb 100km away to see Joan of Arc statue.

The statue of the Jeanne d’Arc in Orléans (Paris, France) –

And also, if you create a place with a certain look of another day.

Looking at the Louvre Carrousel Arc de Triomphe, Pyramid, Grand Basin, but the Mona Lisa is well visible, ‘Mona Lisa’ (red 12 below) is displayed without displaying a different day of the same day. I have not seen the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, go two days will see the next day? (;;;)

The Louvre (Paris, France) –

Finally, do not let the way to go if you are.

Seoul prominent place in the itinerary – is a “home of the free Panmunjom (Red No. 12 below). But to show the most popular in Seoul, tells the easy path to the top of liberty can not go home. This part is estimated to be due to where they are not connected to Seoul and Panmunjom in the path from the OpenStreetMap, it tells you why you can not go Whatever path.

Strangy way to the Freedom House, Seoul (Seoul, Korea) Tour –

“The condition is perfect now,” but that is to say, however, is the first starting point of the tour plan seems to be available.


When did we perfect? Another improvement to write this article come gayajyo ~ 🙂

I will create more back story.



Rome , Havana , Seoul ‘s itinerary can be moved, clicking the picture above.

Hong Kong (Hongkong, China) View itinerary

Dubrovnik (Dubrovnik, Croatia) View itinerary

Lisbon (Lisbon, Portugal) View itinerary

Florence (Florence, Italy) View itinerary

Granada (Granada, Spain) View itinerary

Nice (Nice, France) View itinerary

Barcelona (Barcelona, ​​Spain) View itinerary

Salzburg (Salzburg, Austria) View itinerary

New York (New York City, USA) View itinerary

London (London, UK) View itinerary

San Francisco (Sanfrancisco, USA) View itinerary

Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina) View itinerary

Prague (Prague, Czech) More Itineraries

VIENNA (Vienna, Austria) View itinerary

Athens (Athens, Greece) See itinerary

Cuzco (Cusco, Peru) View itinerary

The above links to go to print pages of the calendar, if you are wondering detailed itinerary by clicking on the title and date, as shown below.

일정표 프린트 -
Print Itinerary –

Eurail Pass Mastering (Eurail Passes FAQ)

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Swiss, Kleine Scheidegg

Although the world that can handle everything in one touch, the information needed for train travel “start of the trip – arrangy” It is one of nokyeonae language that automates the difficult part.

So when you go traveling in Europe can not evade worry, “Eurail Pass” information to clean it separately wanted to help those who are planning a trip to Europe. (Based on 2015, it is difficult to automate your manual;)

I buy a Eurail Pass? Do you have to buy each region separately?

With the train when traveling in Europe, one of the biggest worries is “I buy a Eurail Pass?” Is.

If the conclusion from the story, the trains move between each city should compare the prices of the sum of the price of the Eurail Pass and buy when you can not tell apart simply because they can be the answer.

European rail ticket prices continue to go up over time not fixed prices. The cheapest ticket relaxed about the train before it runs 3-4 months thereafter continued price rise, when to buy a ticket at the train station just before departure cheapest You can also buy tickets to several times more expensive ticket. Whether Eurail Pass prices are not fixed, because glass does not try direct computation exactly buying tickets separately whether the glass is difficult to find the answer.

However, the journey begins 3 months before the travel plans are finalized, if you obtain the Eurail train tickets also get a ticket to each of the apostles apart (interval volume) interval affordable price pass and no, otherwise this trip so close to the train departure buy a plane ticket and many train movement interval, each interval rights can be beneficial to buy a Eurail Pass prices are olratgi because you can talk a lot and is approximate.

If you can buy a train ticket soon enough apart Eurail Pass is there any need?

Yes, it is!

By the way, is planned as many people as we can to confirm the travel plan three months ago? 🙂

Not until obtaining a ticket from that time to create a travel plan Buryatia Buryatia, if the month before starting to make travel plans, low volume segment is not no apparent way except buying a Eurail pass because it is not already left.

As soon as you start making your travel plans to finalize the schedule early, you can travel more and more affordable, Honey and making travel plans is difficult. “start of the trip – Arrangy” . I need 🙂

What is a good buy point is still a Eurail Pass?

The advantage of Eurail Pass is cheaper than buying separate tickets to buy a Eurail pass, because the itinerary is changed relatively are free. However, interval ticket (all sections to live apart intervals) first degree slope enough (about 3 months ago) can get cheap tickets, Eurail Pass must also pay the cost of their booking in addition to be able to ride that train is always free because reservations It does.

Nonetheless, despite the advantages of the Eurail Pass it is relatively easy to change your travel plans in the middle of a point.

For example, when you move a train to Venice, Italy from Switzerland Interlaken Interlaken – surely that must only take the train if you bought a ticket separately without a Eurail Pass in Venice. Jungfrau is too good to stay a day or more, or if you do not leave me to sleep or oversleeping in the morning or arrive wandering up the street to the station on time sanot the train ticket in advance will be void. (As will vary depending on purchase conditions)

If the Eurail Pass is the case of the above it can be relatively easy to change a train ticket. If you do not need a reservation period is just another train ride, if reservations are needed if the region is rescheduled. Of course reserve ratio is holding back, the seat should be left to the appropriate section. However, by purchasing a separate section if the damage is less than completely invalid.


Germany, Bayern – In this scenery would not want to stay another day?


What do I need to buy a Eurail Pass?

Product Name Eurail Global Pass Eurail Select Pass Eurail Regional Pass Eurail One Country Pass
ravel Country At least five (28 countries) Four neighboring countries Two neighboring countries 1 country
Travel duration (used) 15 days / 21 days / month / 2 months / 3 months (consecutive)
5 days (within 10 days)
10 days / 15 days (2 months)
5 days (within 10 days)
10 days / 15 days (2 months)
4 days / 5/6 days / 8 days / 10 days (2 months) 3 days / 4/5 / 8th (within a month)
Adults 2nd class X X O O
Youth discounts (12-25 old) O (1 class / second class) O (1 class / second class) O (1 class / second class) X
Saver discount (15%) O O O X
Family discount (children free) O O O O

Eurail Pass makmak know how to choose, because at first glance looks more kind, but decided to go to the national railway and (at least five countries, comes in four countries, comes in two countries, one country), the railways should go for a few days Assuming (5 days, 10 days, one month, two months, etc.) which can pass appropriate choices. Mostly because it is not every day that you go to the train calculates the number of days will go by train to pick an appropriate number of days.

And if each product meets the following conditions, you can select an appropriate discount to you because it can be discounted.

  • Youth discounts: 12-25 age (age for seoreopda)
  • Saver Discounts: If 2 or more adults attending with all the journey (which must together take the train)
  • Family discount: two children per adult 12 years of age are free
France, Gare de Lyon – It is complicated enough to train station pick-pass.


Even if there is the Eurail Pass train ride you can be sure to make a reservation?

Eurail pass, even if you have to ride the train will be confirmed reservation because the seats below. (train reservation details – EURAIL.COM)

To learn more easily, provided under the Eurail Pass rail planner app when found in the “R” train is a train that is displayed, you need a reservation.

R, trains require reservations Display (rail planner)

And if you book a train seat reservation fees preceded by a train. In the case of the French TGV high-speed train carrying a standard 9 EUR, if the night train Vienna-Venice slippers are based on 2 persons 69 EUR is required. ( booking fee details – EURAIL.COM )

Yes, even purchasing the Eurail Pass is the story Stepping additional cost when booking.

Can I arrived in Europe when you reserve your train?

Railways in Europe that can be de-scheduled can be scheduled through the following methods:

  • Eurail Pass purchase one via the booking (train seat reservation fee + booking fees, mailing)
  • Telephone reservations (train seat reservation fee + mailing costs, mailing)
  • Electronic tickets (train seat reservation fee, Germany / Sweden / Italy / Czech Republic train only, print directly to a printer)
  • European train (train seat reservation fees, direct receipt) – In some countries such as the Netherlands reservation service fee generation

Of course when you arrive in Europe using a Eurail Pass in Europe’s railway station, you can book a European railway. However, if booking a few days ago at a local, popular route is already populated with all the reservation so less likely seek a seat.

If there is no other place is fully booked another train or Eurail give more money than the price you can buy a pass, you only have to buy a ticket.

Spain, Atocha – booking is essential high-speed rail


How then can I book a train in advance before domestic departure?

Top stories like the Eurail Pass purchase one of the reservation services (Agencies) / phone / e-ticket (internet) before arriving in Europe through, you can make reservations in the country.

To make a reservation over the phone but there are difficulties which we have to make a reservation in English on foot an international call (or local language), the country that can be a direct Internet bookings is limited to Germany / Sweden / Italy / Czech Republic. Apon a reservation by phone / e-ticket booking service available not only buying a Eurail Pass this one will have to pay again if the booking service fee (roughly, per 8 EUR).

If you are not received directly from the railway station in Europe, at least 10 days before due to be mailed, you must complete the booking. (Internet booking that even limited hours)

France, Nice – to look at the scenery outside the window excitement of rail travel


So Do I need to go by train to the complex? Any other means of transportation are?

Asked “to arrive a few hours before the departure airport away from the city center and undergo a cumbersome check-in loud, animated sky visible only low-cost airline in cramped airplane seat.” Do the Taj effortlessly beautiful scenery overlooking the environmentally friendly train travel aboard a Eurail Pass The Home Page is the story. ( advantages of train travel – EURAIL.COM )

But change retrospect, far away from the city center and despite cramped baggage regulations demanding Ryan Air, Vueling Airlines, Wizz Air is no such thing as low-cost airlines are much popularity is because inexpensive to move quickly. ( Note – The road to Santiago – Ryan how to reserve air )

Unlike the old way because it is fully prepared to move within Europe may vary, if you like, and the cost of travel by rail or moved more affordable and faster.

We have prepared cumbersome? Yes, “the beginning of the trip – Arrangy” We are ready to work harder!

Spain, Santiago de Compostela – cost ahkkiryeo gate and to walk to Ryanair

Featured science of the month April 1 – Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is where are you?

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April is the month of Sciences. (in Korea)

While make “Start of the Trip – Arrangy“, I’m looking into a lot of maps, beaten the month of Sciences will introduce a going concern over the precious Earth View this place alone.


1.LHC – Large Hadron Collider
CERN Aerial View Inside the CERN LHC tunnel (LHC - (LHC –

When looking at Geneva, Switzerland, near the huge circle appears on the map.

What the hell is that great circle which is clearly displayed on the map? A more curious I just look at the CERN LHC (Large Hadron Collider, a particle accelerator river). LHC is installed in the basement beneath the large circle on the map, even if you can not actually see me pass up.

“Particles of space like that need to accelerate to tremendous size 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999% of the speed of light, and the accelerated particles collide to study the early universe the Big Bang conditions,” it is difficult to find a deeper knowledge than you are yourself so that only you know Look at (too difficult ;;)

It is too difficult to understand the LHC, the film Angels & Demons (2009) itgetjiyo do not accept it emerged as an important material in intimate?

(Synchrotron accelerator when the accelerator to study at school, but somehow it feels intimate, gritty actually confessed that when the accelerator is not the purpose of the care of a particle accelerator called a synchrotron accelerators the same geolro other equipment Cheers.Bask away one truly knew. Even now the LHC again If the operation is a level of Superstition worry about that one deulyimyeon small black hole that caused the earth to swallow you?).



2.Arecibo Observatory (Puerto Rico, Arrangy Ranking: 41 175) Arecibo Observatory Aerial View (Arecibo Observatory - (Arecibo Observatory –

Movies 007 golden eyes (1995) James Bond hangs painfully fought Remember this scene from?

And contacts (1997) Jodie Foster is in a cool place rejection buried funding, there is the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico immediately. (D movies to watch on impressionable who still remember the days of fluffy namneyo.)


If you look at Puerto Rico, there is a structure size is too large, circular properly then you can notice immediately that it is the artificial structures Arenas Times radio telescope. Space needed for the radio telescope to study the distant, and is the largest single telescope in the dashboard radio telescope radio telescope is just Arezzo. The antenna like a normal radio telescope is mounted on buildings not too large, and is buried in the ground. And the finding extraterrestrial signals SETI project is a major source of the signal.

Times Tour of Arequipa telescope would like to go to Puerto Rico to visit just once so too.



3.Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (New Mexico, Arrangy Ranking: 50844) Very Large Array, 2012 ( Very Large Array - ( Very Large Array –

Inde two days of Arequipa Times telescope radio telescope is introduced in front of the largest telescopes on Earth, to create a telescope performs better than Arenas Times telescope, you need to create a larger telescope.

One of the big telescope to tie several small telescopes than creating easy-to-install operating like a telescope to new technologies emerge (Radio interferometry) , it made ​​a very large array of introducing these technologies now. VLA consists of 27 telescope with a diameter of 25m, and each of the telescope can be moved depending on the configuration, rather than being fixed to the ground. Looking at the map, you can see the path of the telescope in the direction of several stretches of three telescopes installed.

contacts (1997) was found to emerge as major equipment that receives signals from outer space, it has appeared in several movies and music. (Independence Day, The Terminator, …)

The name was first Very Large Array, in 2012 after 10 years of radio astronomy in the absolute contribution upgrade a Karl Guthe Jansky in order to celebrate the achievements of the current name of “Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array” in the name has been changed .



4.W. M. Keck Observatory (Hawaii Mauna Kea Mountain) Keck laser at night KeckTelescopes-hi (WM Keck Observatory - (WM Keck Observatory –

About one in front of Arenas Times, VLA radio telescope Keck telescope that if an optical telescope that is currently operating with a diameter of 10m is the largest telescope (Gemini, that the two are installed).

The atmospheric interference and stars in optical observatory is a high mountain to receive less affected than the other lights of the Keck telescopes on Mauna Kea Mountain is located at an altitude of 4,000 m.

Keck Telescope in visible light is the first picture of Earth’s atmosphere to correct the interference adaptive optics is used in the laser. (Malman heard I do not know;)

Go to the Keck telescope in Hawaii rather than just Waikiki things up once I’d like to find that a tour. Itgetjyo even easier to ride rather obvious way to go trekking on foot climbing car?



Switzerland / Puerto Rico / New Mexico / Hawaii himdeuneyo you return. 🙂

Area 51 / Kennedy Space Center (Launch Complex 39) / Challenger Memorial / Chernobyl power plant will be continued.

Under the hood – Jumeirah Mosque in Why or security?

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Grandpas Over Flowers in Greece taken the fun (04/03/2015)?

“Grandpas Over Flowers” in this area between broadcasting from Dubai Jumeirah Mosque / gold market / was a desert safari. Since the core of “good will to take the place of the must-see attractions”, Arrangy team also looked interesting hand saw while breast sol.

When the story from grade, gold market (Deira Gold Souk) is found gave good, Jumeirah Mosque (Jumeira Mosque), Desert Safari did not take the ;;;


1.Jumeirah Mosque (Jumeira Mosque) – Photos lack of … - Jumeira Mosque

The first visited the Jumeirah Mosque does not have exposure to the map of

Jumeira Mosque is definitely up there on the map search is also like the above screen capture location can be found., but the place has a different standard spinning the most important criteria is the picture of the people taken at that location. The gotil people take a lot of pictures from home of Points Of Interest.

Come to debug the Jumeirah Mosque and surrounding apparently are photos taken in the vicinity, so the map is also a place to extract not have exposure.

Although the place is extracted, map, because it can not meet the current criteria set without being exposed.


People interested in this than in other places less or (broadcast in “ohjago who did this?” Mentioned), taking pictures from the internal nature of the place is difficult or sampling of the collected pictures are poor, or two euros, including the Jumeirah Mosque I pressed in the current priority. market (Deira Gold Souk) – watering well! - Deira Gold Souk

Deira Gold Souk is a close-up look without having to Dubai view is the only place to find a lot of people are also looking to rank higher. Then we will be heard by all means go to Dubai again.

You will find That’s Souk is called “the market”.  (두바이 –

3.The desert safari tour – can not be found. Where are you ???

Jumeira Mosque is a place to catch up in the standings, but the map was not exposed to extraction, desert safari tour on earth can not be found.

First Photo sample also seemed scarce, photo an important part of the sample, even if the service “Map – OpenStreetMap” does not seem to have the information from the Bedouin village. Depressed ~

Even if you try to do the debugging difficult to find even with a map and other information bedouin camp. Tell us the location of the Bedouin village we’ll have some more debugging!

Athens will now begin in earnest next week. Have a nice weekend while deulryeoseo Athens Attractions Please also take a look once in a while. Next week, we’ll sol mind while watching “Grandpas over Flowers in Greece.”  (아테네 –